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7th Grade


When I first arrived in August, I expected to be staring athelete with passing grades, a thriving social life and a boyfriend. But I soon realized how hard it was to maintain a amazing social life, keeping my grades up for sports, dance class, basketball, track, choir and church (which I barely got to go to).

By Novemeber, my life was completely hectic! As I soared up in my social life, my grades started to plummet towards the Earth. As two months flew by, I soon got addicted to social media. It literally sucked all my energy out of me, and kept me from doing my homework. I was officially diagnosed with procrastination disease!!!

Eventually, I figured out that you should never pocrastinat… unless your a night owl (which I’m not just BTW).
But there was a handful of things that I learned this year.
– How to lie (complete improv) when I forgot my homework
– How to handle disappointment
– How to fix friendships

As the year comes to a close (thank God!!), I’ll make sure to make the last three weeks count… of course with grades…

My advice to next years seventh graders: DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!!!

Porcelain Sky


Beads of sweat trickle down my neck and forehead. The constant racing of my heart crept up my throat and pounded in my ears. My mouth yearned for water as my lungs burned with chilling air. The question, ‘was I running from death, and is it chasing me?’ kept racing in my mind over and over. At this point there was no turning back. My muscles ached with the I’m-super-sick pain. It felt as if someone poured gasoline on my legs and ignited them.

But what was I running from?

I turned my head for a quick glance. A tall dark menacing shadow chased me. Instantly, I could feel the adrenaline pump through my veins. The boost of energy was a reprieve, almost. I had to of been yards away from him by now. “Just one more peek”, I told myself. The figure (which was a man) stopped in his tracks and stood there. An electric shock was sent up my spine and my stomach dropped twenty feet… I knew I was too late.

The sound of a gun firing pierced though the air while it echoed throughout my whole body. Then, the agonizing pain hit my gut and I fell to my knees. “Yep, I was done for it” I thought.

I never did pay much attention to my surrounding before, but it was amazing… I laid myself down into the soft emerald green grass that had early morning dew drops. The dew drops were like crystal clear diamonds in the night sky. But the sky! It was like someone spilled multiple buckets of paint on the sky! It seemed as if there was a million sunsets and sunrises in that sky. I tried to ignore the piercing pain, and just look up at the sky and drift off into sleep. The more I watched the sky my eyes started to flutter, as if the were gaining weight. My breaths started to shorten my lungs felt as if they were being constricted like snakes.

I opened my eyes for the last time to gaze at the porcelain sky and I felt a warm tear run down my face… Then my vision went black and there was nothing to be seen.

“Emma” a voice whispered. “Emma wake up” the voice commanded. “Emma it’s time to wake up! You’re going to be late to school!” The voice yelled impatiently… It was my mom! “YES I’M NOT DEAD!!!” I screamed with joy.


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Tragedy in the Skies


The starless night sleeps
Only the moon dares to stir
Searching and weeping

Waves silently crash
The waves try and comfort it
The moon is alone

Searching every night
Yearning to find its true love
Banned love forever

The sun shines so bright
Illuminating all life
Seeking a lost flame

But there comes a time
Breaking dawn and at twilight
Separate horizons

Going to the ends
The ends of the earth searching
Trapped in a time zone

Happily they’re found
Soon to be fading away
In the night or day

This war’s not over
All is lost but hope remains
The end’s beginning

The process of writing this:
All week I was troubled on what to do for my post. I wanted to do something meaningful and heart warming. I didn’t want to post someone else’s work and comment why I “liked it.” Finally Friday night I stayed up all night thinking… But of course procrastinated while in the process… I eventually fell asleep and had the most coolest/weirdest dreams ever!
It was about these two people who fell in love, but the father of the girl (who was a wizard… Just to let you know) locked her in a tower. But of course the tower didn’t stop the boy from getting to her. That angered the father/wizard. He was so infuriated he casted both of them up into the sky, turning his daughter into the moon and the boy into the sun.
The father thought that would separate them forever (and it did), but every sunrise and sunset the moon and the sun see each other.
(So technically it didn’t separate them forever.)

After thinking about ways to tell their tragic love story,I thought a Haiku format would be cool. So that’s how made this blog post, and what this blog post means to me!

Challenge Week Four and Five: Media and a Memory


When I was little, I just couldn’t do without watching ‘Alice in Wonderland’ everyday. It was the most fun. It had “books with only pictures in them”, silly cute animals who wore white dainty gloves, and a Cheshire Cat with a smile so bright it lit up the night sky. There were singing flowers you could gossip amongst all day, a pair of twins you could play till dusk with, and a white rabbit with a pocket watch and a red waist coat. But let’s not forget the mad Queen of Hearts who loved to play crochet with multicolored flamingoes… and would always have “her” way.

As I had my afternoon picnic inside (a daily routine), I watched the movie thinking I was Alice. I would run out in my backyard digging holes to Wonderland. I would drink water from my water bottle and “shrink”, soon to be singing and talking to the flowers in my garden for hours. I recited “How is a raven like a writing desk?” in a British accent, until my mom lost her temper. Not only Alice had a fanaminal imagination, but it also strengthened mine.

But I still wish, I could celebrate my unbirthday with the Mad Hatter and the Marge Hare at one of their famous tea parties.
Without it, I could no longer paint the roses red, chase the white rabbit, and play crochet with the Queen of Hearts. I basically could no longer visit Wonderland, because this movie was the key to the talking stubborn doorknob that let you into Wonderland.

Over time I realized there was one thing that differs between Alice and I. Throughout the whole movie she was trying to find her way home. But when I went through the tiny door to Wonderland, I knew that I was home.
That’s why I, on special occasions, will watch ‘Alice in Wonderland’. This movie is a big part of my life, and still is very important to me.

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My Favorite Quote


In life there are always challenging battles we find ourself in. Sometimes we forget to have courage and bravery. We let fear control us. But whenever I find myself in challenging situation, I remember “Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid. Courage means you don’t let fear stop you.”- Bethany Hamilton.

This quote means a lot to me. It gives me the strength I need when I’m about to fall.
It shows me that I have two choices, I can allow fear to control me… or I can control fear. It tells me it’s ok to get afraid sometimes, because not everyone is afraid of something. But it makes me realize when I’m afraid I can lift my burdens up to God.

Bethany Hamilton is a courageous, outstanding, unique, amazing women. When she was thirteen years old she was attacked by a shark while surfing. She lost her whole left arm, and her bravery, patients and selflessness. But after going to a mission in Thailand, after a tsunami hit, she realized how selfish she was being. She saw how many families were split up, children with no parents and parents who had no children. Then, she was thankful that she was alive after the shark attack. Ever since then, she has worked her way back on the surf board and never gave up. She never let her fear take control, because she took control of it.

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Blogging Challenge- Places


The sun glares down upon the red backs of kids playing in the sand. Laughter and screaming zooms by, soon fading away in the distance. It’s hard to find shade from the scorching cloudless sky, but the frigid water, that takes your breath away, is a refreshing reprieve. Lake Austin, and specifically the Lake Hills Park, is a great get away from the sizzling summer Texas heat.

If you’re looking for fun day under the sun Lake Austin/Lake Hills Park is awesome! If you have a family of rambunctious kids take them to the park. There is a crystal clear blue pool, a gigantic playscape full of adventures, mysteries and fun! There is a Volleyball court, which is great for the daughter who took her team to state! Plus a basketball court! There is also a small field for sports, and multiple docks to fish off of. You won’t have to worry about sitting in the middle of a sports rivalry, because there are wooden emerald green picnic tables and grills! So come on down and bring hot dogs, hamburgers and steak. Oh I almost forgot… the best part of the park is the nipping vast lake! There is constant fun when your in that water, it’s as if there is magic in that lake.

Although summer can be hectic it’s nice to relax once in a while. Even though Lake Austin/Lake hills park is fun, it can be very relaxing and soothing too. A few things that is perfect for unwinding is, reading in the shade underneath the gigantic palm tree. Or you can lay under the sun with earbuds popped in, and slowly drift away to another world… but make sure to bring sunscreen, because Texas is known for its wild sunburns! It’s even nice to lay down on a floaty in the water and watch the frenzied fish swim by. So far Lake Austin/ Lake Hills Park is one of the most unlax places I know.

Lake Austin/ Lake Hills Park is a energetic, friendly, safe, tranquil and unique! It is one of the best places in Austin to visit! I would defiantly recommend to spend long summer days here whenever you get bored.

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Darkness is Where Imagination Works Best.


215/365 August 3 - Seven Years of Silliness
The darkness was dimly lit by candles floating in the mysterious murky water.
I found myself in a cramped and cold little boat that glided upon the mirror like water, occasionally bumping into a candle.  My hands ran along the splintery wood, finding little grooves that must have held a screw. Abstract brass and gold metal curves around the sides of the boat, creating swirls and jagged lines.

Scarlet, cerise, fuchsia and alabaster rose petals hovered among the ominous lake.
The sense of abhorrence and tenebrosity welled inside of me… but there was curiosity, imagination and freedom dying to get out.
“Close your eyes and surrender to your darkest dreams!” boomed a familiar, tremendous voice. I gasped and looked around anxiously, cautiously… desperately searching to find another human. But silence followed, with the occasionally tickle of water from up above.

All of a sudden a gust of wind blows each and every golden flame out. “Surly this is a bad dream… no a nightmare” I thought. I  pinched myself to wake up.

It didn’t work!

” Softly, deftly, music shall surround you… Open up your mind, let your fantasies unwind.” quietly sang a voice, as if it was trying to lull me to sleep. Why would this voice want me to fall into state of One by one, each little life like flame arose from the dead. I gasped in amazement as millions of crystal like lights beamed above in the cavern. They seemed to be getting bigger… No they were coming closer, until it was a blinding my eyes.

I awoke in a startle, while trying to catch my breath I hear an organ being banged to death. The sound seemed to be right behind me. A chill ran up and down my spine. Sweat beads trickled down my neck and face. The palm of my hands that were once as dry as the Sahara desert became as moist like the Pacific Ocean. I tried to move my legs and run, but they apparently grew roots into the ground.

Maniacal laughter filled the air. ” Help! Help me..” a crying voice chocked. I turned in every direction until I saw a girl. The girl’s face was completely drained, but completely filled with fear. Her knees were scraped up, as if she fell. I recieved enough adrenaline to run over to her. She ran towards me. “What are you doing here?! What happened?!?” I questioned. As my mouth raced with many questions her lips were moving too… But no sound was coming out. I cocked my head side ways in confusion, the girls head cocked sideways too. I slowly I lifted my hand towards her, and she did the same. The maniacal laughter returned.

Right behind the girl was a tall figure wearing a white mask stained with blood. A glass shattering scream pierced through the air. The girl who was once in front of me shattered into a thousands of glass shards. My heart beat stop, and I realized the girl who I saw… was me.


Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Sharon Drummond via Compfight

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I Would…


I would totally run away with the wind.

I would let the flower petals cover me, until I am colorful, antique, original and myself.

I would let the golden rays from the sun wrap around my fingers to make the perfect ring.

I would let the roots from the trees bind around my feet, so I could never fall and get hurt by anything.

I would let the water wash away all the scars and pain of yesterday.

I would let the sand rub away all my rough edges, until they are smooth.

I would let the waves of the ocean carry me away to another land.

I would let the sun and moon light up everything in sight, so there is no darkness.

But most importantly.
I will let Jesus Christ come into my life to save me from the evil and darkness in this world.

What would you do?

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My iPAD is a Negative Influence.


“Emma are you doing your homework?” ” Lol… Wait Brb.” “Emma….” ” Yeah, yeah I know. iPads are so distracting!

Not only does the bright neon, fluorescent keep you eyes attracted to it. But it also creates a zombie look to your face. It is literally a portable, miniature T.V! Well no duh we can’t keep our eyes off of it! When teachers say “Apples Up!”, you got to admit you hide it under your desk… Well-don’t tell anybody- because I do. Back to the point, it keeps me another world. I admit, my eyes will drift to someone’s abstract screen. Next thing you know, the whole lesson will go in one ear and out the other.

Furthermore, the games don’t help that much either. This one game called Flappy Birds, annoys the ( you know what ) out of me! I don’t see the point of constantly tapping the iPad screen. The game is clearly pointless!… But so addicting, but not as addicting as texting.

Another distraction is the texting! No matter how hard I try… I end up catching up on my “daily dose” of school drama. I think it is a lot easier to text your friend in class, than go “old school” and pass a note.

So the next time a teacher says ” apples up!”, or my mom has to constantly saying my name. I’ll grind my teeth, sit on my hands, and watch the bright little screen flicker off.

Gossip Abyss


“She’s so rude.”, ” She’s so ugly!”, ” Guess what I’ve heard through the Grapevine!”, “Did you see those shoes she wore?!?” Gossip is so overrated!

What good does talking behind somone’s back do? How does making someone cry or be unwanted, satisfy you? Gossip its like a stab through the back that never ends! Once word is out, it spreads like wildfire. It will burn a hole though your reputation!

For example, I’ve had many expiereneces. Rumors such as boys who “I totally had a crush on, or who I was totally dating”. Or things “I’ve said about people, that wasn’t nicest thing ever” *rolls eyes in complete annoyance*. It seems like even when I’m completely out of the dark abyss, the claw of a monster from down below will drag me back in.

So whenever a whisper heads to my ear, or a snicker and finger point is thrown in my direction; or a claw from down below try’s to tempt me… I’ll simply “smile”, and walk away.

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